Streamline Your Sales Communications

One platform for video messages, chat, documents & meetings

Record, send, track & communicate

How your sales prospects see your content on File Channels
One dedicated, interactive online channel containing your content

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Consolidate sales materials and communication

With File Channels the sales process is smoother faster and more engaging

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    Upload, record and send content

    Create an interactive link holding PDFs, images and video - include personalized video messages and send!

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    Keep the conversation going

    You are alerted when your sales prospect accesses your link, you can then message and video call them directly on your link.

Why get started with File Channels?

Connecting without
File Channels

Your message seems gets lost in a prospect’s inbox

Difficult to build rapport

Hard to know when to follow up


Connecting with File Channels

Next generation file and asset sharing

Stand out from the crowd
Form better relationships
Build a stronger pipeline
Connect at the right time
Understand how content is received
Get a real competitive advantage
Increase response rates
Personalize your outreach

Book more meetings and close more deals

Get Started - It's Free!

With you whilst

File Channels is available on iOS and Android so you can receive notifications and updates on your channels wherever you are.

You can also setup new channels, record videos, message and video call directly from your smartphone.

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Free $ 0 / Forever
50 Channels / Month
500MB Upload / Month
500MB Total Storage
20 Minutes Talk / Month
No credit card required
Pro $ 30 / mon
200 Channels / Month
2GB Upload / Month
5GB Total Storage
500 Minutes Talk / Month
Premium $ 50 / mon
500 Channels / Month
5GB Upload / Month
10GB Total Storage
1,000 Minutes Talk / Month
70 / mon
Unlimited Channels
Unlimited Uploads
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Minutes Talk
Salesforce Integration
Custom Integrations
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