Virtual Sales Platform for the auto industry

Share vehicle tours, brochures, loan options and more with personalized videos and messaging via a secure interactive link

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Upload brochures to share with buyers
Include personalized vehicle tours
Share via an interactive link

Want to get noticed and close more deals?

Stand out from the crowd

Share engaging and interactive content with your prospects and content and see how it has been received

Book more meetings

Create a direct connection with your contacts on a platform that facilitates networking

Close more opportunities

Understand what your contact is interested in based on their activity on your content

Interactive document & video sharing platform

Receive notifications when your materials are being viewed
Chat and start virtual meeting all in same place

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How does File Channels work?

Create a Channel

Attach your collateral

Include a personalized video

Send your secure Channel Link

Be notified when your Channel is opened

See what content has been engaged with

Send instant messages and video call

Include personalized video messages

Record a video message to partner with the files you send to your connection. Provide a personal touch to your assets to build better rapport.

One-click messaging and video calling

Strike up a conversation when your content is fresh in your connection's mind, answer any questions they may have there and then - you can call them or they can call you direct from your channel.

Build stronger connections with Filechannels today

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Why get started with File Channels?

Connecting without
File Channels

Your message seems gets lost in a prospect’s inbox

Difficult to build rapport

Hard to know when to follow up


Connecting with File Channels

Next generation file and asset sharing

Stand out from the crowd
Track opens and views
Be notified when content is opened
Send instant messages
Start video calls
Attach personalized videos

With you whilst

File Channels is available on iOS and Android so you can receive notifications and updates on your channels wherever you are.

You can also setup new channels, record videos, message and video call directly from your smartphone.

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Free $ 0 / Forever
50 Channels / Month
500MB Upload / Month
500MB Total Storage
20 Minutes Talk / Month
No credit card required
Pro $ 30 / mon
200 Channels / Month
2GB Upload / Month
5GB Total Storage
500 Minutes Talk / Month
Premium $ 50 / mon
500 Channels / Month
5GB Upload / Month
10GB Total Storage
1,000 Minutes Talk / Month
70 / mon
Unlimited Channels
Unlimited Uploads
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Minutes Talk
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